Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales kicking goons off jetski

Spider-Man 2 – water you complaining about? (Picture: Sony)

History repeats itself as several Spider-Man 2 fans are so upset with the game’s water effects they want it delayed.

Remember Puddlegate? That stupid controversy with Insomniac’s Spider-Man about how puddle water didn’t look very good in preview footage – an issue which everyone forgot about the instant it came out.

Well, because time is circular and some people want any excuse to have a moan, Spider-Man 2 is facing near enough the exact same complaints following the new gameplay trailer from this week’s PlayStation showcase.

Said trailer featured a setpiece of Peter and Miles chasing after the Lizard on a river, while fighting off goons on jetskis, and prompting complaints that the water looks awful.

There are certainly complaints to be made about Spider-Man 2 and the showcase in general, but this really shouldn’t be one of them.

Some Twitter users are simply unimpressed with the water physics while remaining excited for the game, but others go so far as to say it looks worse than the PlayStation 4 game and even the water seen in PlayStation 3 titles.

There also appears to be a general dissatisfaction with the game’s overall graphics, as many think it doesn’t look like much of a visual upgrade over its predecessor and is in need of a delay.

Unsurprisingly, this backlash is facing its own backlash, with others countering that the game’s still a work in progress and that the water is such a minor detail to get upset about.

On the subject of PlayStation 5 graphics, Remedy’s communications director Thomas Puha has been talking up Alan Wake 2 and its graphics, stressing that the footage shown in its new trailer was ‘100% running on PlayStation 5.’

‘We did say in 2021 that we are gonna push the graphics hard on this one. I think we’ll have the best-looking game in 2023,’ he adds.

He doesn’t mention Spider-Man 2 or any other contenders to that crown, but with both games slated to launch this autumn, it is the obvious comparison.

Time will tell whether he’s right though, as while Alan Wake 2 has a hard October launch date, Spider-Man 2 is still only promising a nebulous autumn launch.

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